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Direct Access to
Affordable Quality Healthcare

At Maple Health Direct Primary Care, we are committed to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare you can afford in a welcoming environment.

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Introducing Courtney Kozek, PA-C
Women's Health And Family Medicine

We're delighted to announce the newest addition to our team, Courtney Kozek, PA-C, a distinguished healthcare professional specializing in women’s health and pediatrics. We warmly welcome her to Maple Health DPC in Mentor, Ohio, Lake County’s premier Direct Primary Care Physician Practice.

Patient-Centered, Personalized Family Health

We take a different approach from traditional, institutional healthcare systems, where there’s a shortage of doctors, rising costs, and a widening disconnect between patients and providers. The innovative Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is all about you.

Expect personalized care — no rushed visits. Our responsive practice promises same- and next-day appointments, and you get full, 24/7 access to your doctor at your convenience: in clinic, by video, phone, text, or email. Plus, we offer an expansive menu of services so you can get the care you need from a doctor who knows you.

Forget pricey visits to the E.R. for minor ailments or small scrapes or cuts as we can treat you in our office with no waiting.  And no more months long waits to see your doctor.

And our discount pharmacy off
ers lower pricing on labs and prescriptions than most co-pays.


Maple Health is your healthcare go-to.

  • Same-day and next-day appointments.

  • Complete 24/7 access to your doctor - in clinic, video, voice, text, email.

  • Home visits for newborns.

  • Discount lab testing that is priced lower than most insurance co-pays.

  • On-site discount pharmacy where many items are priced lower than most co-pays.

  • Low patient-to-physician ratio.

  • See the same doctor at every visit.

  • No long waits and crowded waiting rooms.

  • No charge for most in-office procedures.

  • PrEP therapy.

  • Fluent Spanish-speaking nurse on staff.

The Maple Health DPC Difference
Take Charge of Your Care

At Maple Health DPC, we remove common barriers to healthcare, and put your needs first. This means seamless scheduling and complete access to your doctor when and how you choose. It’s comprehensive,quality

healthcare — simplified.


Rather than navigating insurance complexities, you gain the peace of mind of having stress-free healthcare services that are affordable, beating the cost of high co-pays and deductibles. But what our patients really appreciate about our family practice is the way we listen, take time to address their healthcare concerns, and foster a collaborative relationship that makes life easier.

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Join Us and Get the Care
You Deserve.

We do more than just-in-time visits to address healthcare concerns. Our team is committed to helping you achieve optimum health and wellness so you can live your best life. As a Maple Health member, you benefit from turnkey services and the convenience of on-site procedures, lab-testing, and a discount pharmacy so you can make one stop for total care.


Learn more about our services and membership plans.

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Upgrade Your Whole Health


Adopt These Healthy Habits To Clear Some Head Space For Improved Wellness.

You’re a caregiver, a spouse, a professional — not to mention a chef, chauffeur, maid, teacher, and event planner. Sound familiar? 

Women naturally assume an exhausting menu of roles, and often take care of everyone else in their lives, neglecting their own health and wellness. Men bear different stresses, and even our children in today’s overprogrammed world are on the go nonstop and can benefit from strategies to help press the pause button and slow down. 
We could all use a little more headspace to decrease stress, improve focus and feel better overall. Here are some tips.


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