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We Care

Welcome to the Maple Health DPC family. We take pride in getting to know our patients and their families so we can customize healthcare and wellness to the whole person. At Maple Health DPC, you can expect flexible access, longer appointment times, less waiting, and a relationship with a doctor whom you know and trust.

Dr Berry
Meet Dr. Berry


After years of practicing family medicine in traditional hospital settings, I grew frustrated with the unrealistic patient load doctors were required to maintain for revenue purposes. I watched patients’ needs get pushed off into the scheduling backlog. Access and affordability were shutting people out of getting the care they needed,  but I knew there was a better way.


I founded Maple Health as an innovative Direct Primary Care practice with a vision of ensuring accessible, high-quality, and affordable care in a welcoming environment. When I say access, that means you can text, call, or email, and you’ll get a response right away, around the clock. I keep the patient-physician ratio low, so patients get the personalized care they deserve. And our comprehensive service menu includes a discount pharmacy, lab testing, screenings, and in-office procedures.

More About Dr. Berry

  • Medical training at University of Leicester in England.

  • Family medicine residency at MetroHealth, Cleveland.

  • Lake Health, family medicine specialist.

  • Prior to medical school, Dr. Berry served as a British Royal Marine Commando.

  • Completed two tours of the Sierra Leone Civil War,  and tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Post-military, served as a paramedic in London.

Dr. Berry met his wife, Jennifer, while she was working as a teacher in England. They live in Mentor and have two delightful daughters. The Berry family maintains strong ties to the community, where Jennifer is a Lake Catholic graduate, and now works as a teacher at Kirtland High School.

Courtney Kozek
Meet Courtney Kozek (PA-C)


Courtney Kozek is a dedicated and accomplished healthcare professional hailing from Newcastle, Pennsylvania. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh, where she obtained her degree. Motivated by her passion for helping others, Courtney pursued further education at Seton Hill, where she completed Physician Assistant school.


With seven years of experience in family medicine, Courtney has honed her skills and developed a comprehensive understanding of family healthcare. Her expertise extends to treating patients of all ages and managing a wide range of medical conditions. Whether it's a routine check-up or a complex ailment, Courtney's commitment to providing compassionate care remains unwavering. Through her years of experience, she has become a trusted healthcare provider, diligently serving her community with expertise and compassion.


Currently, Courtney resides in Lake County, where she shares a loving home with her husband and their precious baby. She balances her professional commitments with the joys and responsibilities of motherhood, embodying the values of dedication, empathy, and work-life balance.

Vanessa Padilla
Meet Vanessa Padilla (Nurse)


Vanessa Padilla, a native of Painesville, is a highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professional. With a background as both a nurse and a phlebotomist, Vanessa has garnered extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of family healthcare. Her ability to effectively communicate with patients and provide exceptional care sets her apart.


One of Vanessa's notable strengths is her fluency in Spanish. This linguistic proficiency enables her to bridge the gap between English-speaking healthcare providers and Spanish-speaking patients, ensuring clear and accurate communication. Vanessa's fluency in Spanish not only facilitates effective care delivery but also helps patients feel understood, valued, and comfortable during their medical interactions.


As a Painesville native, Vanessa has a deep connection to her community. She takes pride in serving her local area and making a positive impact on the lives of those she cares for.

Gina Bergem
Meet Gina Bergem
(Community Outreach and Development)


Gina Bergem, rooted in the heart of Lake County, now embraces her role as the Community Outreach and Development liaison at Maple Health DPC, leveraging her extensive background in healthcare to foster stronger community ties and enhance patient engagement. 


Gina's intimate knowledge of Lake County's healthcare needs, fueled by her local roots, positions her uniquely to spearhead community outreach initiatives. Her hands-on approach and the ability to connect on a personal level will be invaluable as she develops programs tailored to both employers and individuals, to foster stronger connections between Maple Health DPC and the people it serves.


She aims to not only inform and engage the community but also to listen and respond to its needs, ensuring Maple Health DPC's services are both accessible and aligned with the community's expectations.

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