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Comprehensive and Personalized Direct Primary Care for Your Workforce

Experience the Maple Health DPC Advantage and Elevate Your Business with Healthier,  Happier Employees While Improving Your Bottom Line

At Maple Health Direct Primary Care, we understand that the foundation of a successful business is a robust and healthy workforce. That's why we're here to offer you a healthcare model that is as innovative as it is beneficial - not just for your employees, but for your entire company. Here’s why:

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Streamlined Access To Exceptional Healthcare

Maple Health DPC ensures almost immediate access to medical professionals, significantly reducing wait times for appointments. With same-day or next-day consultations and 24/7 availability via phone, text, or email, to doctors and physician assistants, our approach minimizes work disruptions and accelerates recovery for employees.

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Reduced Healthcare Costs

Direct primary care allows employers to opt for higher deductible health plans with lower premiums, thereby curbing overall company expenses.   And your employees and organization save even more with our onsite discount lab testing and pharmacy  where many items are priced lower than
most co-pays.

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Health Insurance “Wrap Around”

You can combine health care insurance with the DPC program with a “wrap around” program. 

In Many Cases a Wrap Around Insurance Program combined with DPC is less expensive that the insurance alone.

  • Insurance covers specialists, hospital stays, imaging, prescriptions, etc.

  • DPC Provides doctor visits, physicals  and in-office procedures.

  • It is possible that  your group  can have health insurance and a DPC doctor for LESS than you
    are paying for insurance alone.


  • Groups as small as 2 can be eligible – (one of which must be a W-2 full-time 30+/hrs./wk. on average who is not an owner or spouse.)

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Transparent, Predictable Pricing

Our clear pricing structure eliminates the unpredictability of healthcare costs. A flat fee per employee allows precise budgeting and protection from unforeseen healthcare expenses.


  • $80/month

  • $60 joining fee per person

  • Minimum 8 employees for preferential pricing


  • Newborns – First 3 Free

  • Others - $100/Visit

  • 60+ Employees – one day a month at your facility


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Additional Benefits
  • Reduced Paid Time Off For larger organizations (60+ employees), our physician assistant will be onsite at your facility one full day a month, diminishing the need for employee PTO for doctor visits, streamlining the process further.

  • Competitive Edge in Talent Recruitment and Retention: Offering Direct Primary Care through Maple Health makes your benefits package stand out, helping you attract and retain top talent in a fiercely competitive job market.

  • Personalized Healthcare We offer extended visits (approximately 60 minutes), fostering a thorough and attentive healthcare experience. This personalized approach not only improves health outcomes but also boosts employee satisfaction.

  • Preventive Care Focus Prioritizing preventive care and effective chronic condition management, Maple Health DPC helps reduce the necessity for high-cost specialist and emergency room visits. This proactive health management decreases the need for costly emergency services and specialized care, yielding substantial long-term savings. Moreover, our focus on preventive care and wellness programs reduces absenteeism, enhancing productivity, and contributing further to the employer's financial advantage.

  • Enhanced Productivity and Morale Convenient care access ensures that employees no longer defer essential medical appointments, maintaining better overall health and incurring fewer sick days. Knowing their health is valued boosts morale and, consequently, their work quality and productivity.

  • Your Corporate Wellness Ally We partner with you to build a vibrant, energetic team, ensuring health is a cornerstone of your workplace. This partnership yields extensive benefits across the business spectrum.​


Invest in Maple Health DPC to prioritize your employees' health and your company's success. Customize our services to meet your business needs!

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