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The Direct Primary Care Difference

Direct Primary Care is an innovative healthcare model that puts patients at the center of care. You develop a personalized, close relationship with your doctor — and you can access care 24/7, conveniently and quickly, when you need it.


As a family practice serving everyone from newborns, in home visits, to older adults, we focus on your whole health. We maintain a low patient-to-physician ratio so we can be responsive to your needs. And we take our time during your visits, answering all of your questions and serving as your healthcare advocate.

How does Direct Primary Care Compare to Traditional Care?

At Maple Health DPC, our focus is on keeping you healthy and providing the highest-quality care, not pushing patients through the system.

Direct Care
  • Accessible care with same and next day visits.

  • Flexible scheduling—communicate when and how you want.

  • Transparent costs, which are less than high insurance co-pays and deductibles.

  • Low patient-physician ratio (no more than 600 patients - 20% of what a typical family doctor oversees.)

  • Relaxed visits that take as long as needed to address any and all concerns (average appointment time is 30 to 45 minutes.)

  • Proactive, focused on optimizing health and wellness.

  • Comprehensive care without multiple referrals to specialists—in-office procedures, pharmacy, lab tests, EKG, mammogram, colonoscopy.

  • Discount pharmacy and lab with lower pricing than most co-pays.

Traditional Care
  • Fragmented care with patients often directed to other providers, specialists, or the E.R.

  • Complex insurance expenses, including co-pays, facility fees, and extra charges.

  • Usually, 2,000 to 3,000 patients per doctor.

  • Backed-up scheduling, with a physician shortage.

  • Average appointment time of 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Production- focused with physicians seeing as many patients as possible to maximize revenue.

  • Limited communication. - must be filtered through an office, third person, or platform.

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