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With Summer Underway, Direct Primary Care Is An Accessible Healthcare Model For The Whole Family, Freeing Up Your Time To Spend Enjoying The Season.


Summertime is fun time with long days, lazy days, vacation days, and time with family and friends. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a crowded doctor’s office waiting room—or stuck in traffic driving across town for multiple doctor’s visits, not to mention trips to the drug store (more waiting).


And while summer is when we can let loose and enjoy life, all the fun can also result in cuts, bruises, sprains, bad sunburns, and other unexpected injuries. Plus, activities like athletics require physicals. How many times will you trek to the nearest urgent care or drug store-based clinic and foot the related bills? Timing is another issue. With backed up scheduling, will you even get the sports physical a child needs before the season starts? With traditional healthcare, often, the answer is, “no.”


Wouldn’t it be a relief to know you can pay one affordable monthly fee and take the whole family to a direct primary care (DPC) clinician who knows you personally and can see multiple children at once so you can avoid the run-around. Plus, with an on-site discount pharmacy, there’s no extra stops at the drug store. And any time an incident occurs, you can depend on just-in-time, (usually next day) appointments and compassionate service without the additional expense.


These are just some of the DPC benefits active families appreciate.

All-Inclusive Care

From moderate allergic reactions to rashes, scrapes, cuts, and sprains, DPC is a one-stop solution serving the whole family with a clinician who gets to know you as a whole person and is invested in your family. Plus, you can stop taking out your wallet every time you need a healthcare authorization for school, camps, and sports.


Here are some of the convenient services Maple Health DPC offers in-house to save you from summer run-around:

·  Animal/insect bites, stings and scratches

·  Coughs, colds, fever, and other flu symptoms

·  Dehydration

·  Ear infections

·  Headaches and migraines

·  Lacerations, cuts and scrapes

·  Minor burns

·  Moderate allergic reactions

·  Muscle aches and pains

·  Rashes

·  School/sports/camp physicals

·  Sinus infections

·  Sore throat and strep throat

·  Splinting and suturing

·  Sprains and fractures


But I Have Insurance

You might be wondering: If I have health insurance, why wouldn’t I just go to a traditional family practice for school physicals, allergic reactions, and illness? Of course, this is always an option—but it probably isn’t the most cost-effective given copays, high deductibles, and the fact that you may not be able to get an appointment in a timely manner.  DPC can manage these health needs in-house and on the spot, saving you running-around.  And, with Maple Health DPC’s in-house, discount pharmacy, you walk out of your appointment with your meds, eliminating a trip to the drug store.


Also, with large patient loads and limited scheduled time, most traditional pediatricians’ offices can spend no longer than 15 minutes with a patient whereas an average appointment time at Maple Health DPC is about an hour.


DPC can provide valuable wrap-around care that supports your current health insurance and also can stand in as a plan if your employer does not offer the healthcare benefits. DPC is essentially a booster shot that opens up access to a breadth of health services, always-accessible support, and affordable prescriptions and lab tests. Your DPC clinician can also guide your health journey, including offering nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


Dive Into Summer Fun!

This summer, write yourself a prescription for fun and cut out unnecessary run-around for doctor’s appointments. The answer is Maple Health DPC, Northeast Ohio’s fastest growing family physician practice.  Learn why.

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